Hanna Krasowski

Incoming postdoctoral researcher @UC Berkeley EECS
Doctoral researcher @TUM Cyber-Physical Systems Group


My vision is to achieve effortless deployment of robots that safely interact with our physical world. The focus of my research is the development of efficient algorithms for complex controllers to ensure compliance with safety specifications. To this end, I combine the versatility of reinforcement learning and formal methods’ provable guarantees. I run experiments on a variety of motion planning use cases, ranging from autonomous driving to marine vessels.

This summer, I will be joining Dr. Murat Arcak’s group at UC Berkeley EECS as a postdoctoral researcher. Currently, I am a doctoral researcher at Technical University of Munich’s Cyber-Physical Systems Group led by Dr. Matthias Althoff. In 2022, I visited Dr. Aaron Ames’ group at Caltech. Previously, I obtained a Master’s degree in Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence from Technical University of Munich. I hold a Bachelor’s degree from Technical University of Darmstadt and spent a semester at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Research interests

reinforcement learning \(\cdot\) formal methods \(\cdot\) autonomous systems \(\cdot\) safe control

Check out my ongoing work and publications here.

Software packages

CommonOcean is a collection of composable benchmarks for motion planning of autonomous vessels and provides researchers with means to evaluate and compare their motion planners. Along with benchmarks, we provide tools for motion planning, such as a data converter for AIS data.

CommonRoad-RL offers a software package to solve motion planning problems from CommonRoad driving scenarios using reinforcement learning methods. CommonRoad-RL facilitates the benchmarking of autonomous driving research with reinforcement learning.

Beyond research

I am passionate about encouraging girls to consider STEM subjects for their careers. In my opinion, STEM subjects allow you to gain a deep understanding of the world and teach you how to manipulate it to achieve innovation. For me, these opportunities to shape the world are very empowering, and I hope to convey this motivation and spark interest in STEM by running workshops during which female role models guide high-school girls through hands-on science experiments. I head the initiative Girls macht MI(N)T! and actively support TUM Entdeckerinnen.